Use cases

Trillbit's SDK can be integrated to the supported platforms and devices, to support several use-cases:

  1. IoT device setup with Connect: One Click-to-Connect Commissioning with 10X faster speed Data over Sound can be easily operated through any smart speaker with a microphone and a speaker. Commissioning over smart speakers is simple and user-friendly and it does not involve any additional hassles such as “device pairing”. Trillbit's one-step “click-to-connect” commissioning is 10 times faster than any traditional device onboarding protocol. With Data over Sound, smooth authentication and setup can be completed in less than 5 seconds.

  2. IoT Device troubleshooting with Assist Assist enables effortless smart home troubleshooting for a quicker solution. Assist uses “Data over Sound” to allow frictionless troubleshooting using sound waves.

    Users no longer need to refer to user manuals and identify the problem manually. Assist also sends error code logs and status information directly to customer service for any further assistance upto 30 feet.

  3. Send commands between user device with Command Use Command to send data or commands of your choice, over a range of distances from 1 feet to upto 10 feet.

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