Authentication of the Trillbit IA61x algorithm

Every time that your application with Trillbit Host library is run, the following steps are to be followed:

  1. Start by preparing the board drivers.

    1. Driver initialisation and functioning must be handled by the customer application.

  2. Initialize the Host SDK Method Call: trill_host_init()

    1. Returns integer: 0 if License is correct and init was successful, else negative error code if init was unsuccessful.

    2. This prepares the SDK to interact with the IA61x firmware. Download Trillbit IA61x firmware over UART. Start of external clock through UART.

  3. Start of Voicewake mode (Refer to Knowles IA61x documentation). This waits for a keyword to be received.

  4. The keyword that can be detected is defined at- < src/include/trill_host.h >

  5. Depending on the type of keyword received, the following steps are to be executed:

    1. Authentication Needed: Authentication is pending. Data received from the SmartMic is to be read through UART and is to be passed to trill_host_handle_auth() method.

    2. Authentication Passed: The SDK is in continuous listening mode and is in data receive state. To safely deallocate the memory allocated, trill_host_deinit must be called.

    3. If data is detected: Payload is read through RDB.

Note: Refer to Knowles documentation for more information on how RDB and VoiceWake Mode works.

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