Reducing application size

  1. APK Split

To optimize your apps final APK size, we strongly recommend using the APK split functionality provided by the Gradle build system. If you are supporting multiple ABIs in your app, then you can split your app APK per ABI and effectively reduce the APK size. Please refer Android developer documentation for more details about ABI APK splits here :

2. Declaring only the required architecture: Add ABI filter Trillbit SDK uses native code (.so) files and ships with native code shared object library files for following ABI’s:

● armeabi

● armeabi-v7a

● arm64-v8a

● x86

● x86_64

As you might not need to support all ABI’s in your app, please add an ABI filter in your app modules build.gradle file. To add an ABI filter, open the build.gradle file for your app module and add ndk abiFilters in android-> defaultConfig section.

Eg: If you need to support only armeabi-v7a and x86 architectures, add abiFilters only for these two ABI’s as shown below:

android { 
defaultConfig { 
ndk { 
abiFilters "armeabi-v7a", "arm64-v8a" 

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