The following function is called every instance of a successful decode.

  1. trill_data_link_cb_t : Function for datalink callback eventeg- (trill_data_link_cb_t)(const trill_data_link_event_params_t params);

  2. trill_data_link_event_params_t : This is a Data Link layer callback parameters containing the following:

    1. event :Event code. Refer to trill_data_link_event_t

    2. payload: Payload data. Pointer should not be used after returning from this callback.

    3. payload_len: Length of the payload in bytes.

    4. ssi: Security scheme that was used for this packet.

    5. data_cfg_range: Range Config of received data.

    6. user_data: User provided data.

    7. channel: which channel the data was received from.

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