Trillbit SDK Methods

Initialization of parameters for host init call.

User application should set the entire structure contents to zeros before setting individual members.


  1. sdk_license: License is fetched through the This is required for the SDK to be authenticated and usable.

Host Library functions

mem_alloc_fn: User application memory allocator. Used by the SDK to allocate memory. Parameters are similar to libc malloc.

mem_free_fn: User application memory allocator. Parameters are similar to libc free.


Description: Initialize Trill Host SDK with given parameters.


  • params: Mandatory. Refer to trill_host_init_parameters_t

  • handle: Pass this opaque handle to other trill host SDK calls.

Returns: int, Returns 0 if License is correct and init was successful else negative error code.


Description: Handles the Authentication request from IA61x. Pass the data received from RDB command as is to this function.


  • data: Data received from RDB command to IA61x.

  • param: size Size of data buffer in bytes.

Returns: int 0 on success, else negative error code.


Description: Returns the Unique Identifier of MCU or Board as seen by the Host SDK. Initializing the Host before calling this function is not require.

Returns: const char* Returns a NULL terminated Unique Identifier of MCU or Board.



Shutdown the IA611 SDK. Free up any allocated resources. User application can Reset or Load different DSP algorithm or Power off the IA611 chip after this call.


handle: Trill host handle as received from init call.

Returns: int Returns 0 on success else negative error code.

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