Licensing and Setting up Trillbit library

Step 1: Access your TrillBit developer account

  1. Create or login to your TrillBit Developer account at:

  2. On the home page, you will see platforms supported with 15 evaluation licenses for platforms- Android, iOS, Embedded and ESP-32 S3.

  3. On selection of the ESP-32 platform, you will see:

    1. Section to download Credentials file-credentials.json for licensing the Trillbit SDK for your application.

    2. Section with a link to Github page for Trillbit SDK for ESP-32 Pre-compiled binary is available to download from the github repository

  4. Host source code page would contain:

    1. Pre-compiled library for the platform ESP-32 S3.

    2. Demo application for ESP-32 S3 and corresponding source code.

    3. Python script for licensing procedure.

    4. Supporting documents and User guides.

Step 2: Get your credentials file

This credentials file is required for the authentication and licensing of your Trillbit SDK.

Please access your credentials file and download here-

Step 3: Setup ESP-32 S3- Flashing from Pre-built Binary

1. For Windows

  • Browse for the downloaded pre-built binary file and select SPI flash download settings as shown below

  • Click Start. Once the download progress shows Finish status, reboot s3-box by pressing the Reboot switch (below USB connector).

2. For Mac OS and Linux:

  1. Install python3 on your system, if not already installed.

  2. Connect your development board to the computer through a USB Type-C cable.

  3. Install 'esptool' by entering the following command in Terminal (pip3 can be specified as pip): pip3 install esptool

  4. On Terminal, execute a 'git clone' to create a copy of the TrillbitSDK-ESP32-S3 repository on your machine.

  5. At the top directory of the cloned repository, execute the following:

python3 -m esptool --chip esp32s3 write_flash 0x0 

* Run with sudo in commands if permission is denied. 

6. Press reset button to test the firmware.

Step 4: Building your own custom Trillbit binary

  1. Visit Espressif's Quick Start Guide-, and follow the instructions under Quick Start section.

  2. In Step 3, clone the respository for ESP-32 S3 box- .

  3. Follow rest of the steps as mentioned in the Espressif Quick Start Guide.

Step 5: Licensing your Trillbit SDK

Setup Python Environment

Ensure you have python3 installed. Plug the USB-C cable to S3-Box and your PC. On power up you will see license missing message on the display of s3-box.

  1. Run the file, at the script location- TrillbitSDK-ESP32-S3/scripts/license/ .

  2. Provide the path to the credentials file downloaded.

If not downloaded already, please download the credentials.json file from the TrillBit dev-portal.

For eg. At the top directory of your TrillbitSDK-ESP32-S3 clone directory, you would need to execute the following:

>cd scripts/license/
>python3 <path-to-thecredentials-file>

3. The file will proceed to license your board.

4. You will now see the success message. Your device is now licensed and ready to be integrated with the Trillbit library.

Step 6: Using the Demo

On successful licensing, you would see the following SDK demo display

  • Use the Mobile app to send data over sound.

  • Received message would be displayed on the screen. Number prefixing the message increments for each received message.

  • Tap Echo button to send back the last received message. If no last message is present then a default message would be sent.

  • Tap Stop to stop and de-initialize the SDK.

  • If stopped, tap Start to re-initialize the SDK to start receiving messages again.

  • You can also view the console messages over USB/UART. Use the monitor tool of idf

$ cd ~/trillbit
$ . esp-idf/
$ cd mtfsk-esp32-s3-box
$ -p </dev/tty?> monitor

Step 7: Sending data from TrillConnect

You may use the TrillApp - TrillIoT , as the sender configuration your mobile phone, to send messages to the ESP32-S3.


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