• onSDKReady(): This callback is triggered as soon as the SDK is Initialized.

  • onInfo(int code, String infoMessage): This is a Callback reporting any info logs from Trill SDK. The callback received an info code with an info message. Refer to Info Responses in documentation.

  • onError(int error_code, String error_message):Callback reporting errors from Trill SDK. This callback receives an error code with an error message. Refer to the 'Errors' section for more information.

  • onPlayingCompleted(): This is a Callback reporting player has finished playing. The callback is triggered every time when playing is finished.

  • onSendingCompleted():Callback reporting sender has finished playing with all repeat counts. For two way check errorVerifyingUser callback. One Way flow ends here for sender side

  • onDecoded(String decodedString): Callback reporting data is decoded on the receiver side.

  • onErrorDecoding(): Callback reporting receiver has failed to decode data.

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