License and Initialise your Trill SDK

Get TrillSDK instance and initialise TrillSDK using the SDK key and callback declared previously.

For Licensing the TrillBit SDK for your application, follow these steps:

  1. Declare SDK_KEY, as show below.

  2. Replace SDK_KEY_FROM_TRILL_DEV_PORTAL with the Key displayed on your TrillBit developer portal dashboard(Android).


Make sure SDK is initialised after permission block.

TrillSDK trillSDK = TrillSDK.getSdkInstance();
trillSDK.initialise(SDK_KEY, Context, Callback)

User will receive the OnSDKReady callback once the SDK is initialised.

Ensure that the Sending and receiving methods are called only after the onSDKReady is received.

The first time app is initialised, SDK makes a call to the TrillService to register your device. Network connection is required by TrillSDK to make this api call only during this call. After this, your SDK is ready to be used for sending and receiving data.

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