Licensing your Trill SDK

To begin with accessing your credentials to license the SDK, access your TrillBit developer account

  1. Create or login to your TrillBit Developer account at:

  2. On the home page, you will see platforms supported with 15 evaluation licenses for platforms- Android, iOS, Embedded and Knowles SmartMic host boards.

  3. Section to download Credentials file-credentials.json for licensing the Trillbit SDK for your application.

  4. Section with a download link which redirects to Github page for Trillbit SDK for Embedded Linux platform and toolchain. Pre-compiled binary would be available to download from the github repository.

  5. Host source code on the Github repository would contain:

    1. Pre-compiled library and binary for aarch64/x86_64 linux platforms.

    2. Corresponding binary source code.

    3. Python script for licensing procedure.

    4. Supporting documents and User guides.

  6. Run the python script to fetch the license file. This license file is required for Trillbit SDK to be functional.

  7. Access to demo application binaries and their supporting documents are available inside the Android and iOS platform pages.

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